Home Loans

Are you looking for the best option when applying for a home loan?

At Mortgage Express we have access to a vast range of home loan products that help you to make the choices that are important to your individual needs, and it is free of charge. Our Mortgage Express Specialists will help you to decide between the maze of different options and repayment methods. You can also view our Home Buyers Guide which will assist you through the process.

A Range Of Home Loans

Mortgage Express, through its panel of lenders, has a wide range of loan options for people buying a new home, buying a second home or investment property, buying land, building a home or refinancing.

Generous Lending Limits

Depending on the kind of loan and the property you want to buy, at Mortgage Express we can obtain maximum approval for you and the property value.

Pre-Qualified Buyers

We encourage you to talk to us, even if you haven’t started looking at property yet. In fact, that’s the best time to talk finance, because your Mortgage Express Specialist will let you know exactly how much you can spend before you start.