Your pre-qualification certificate lets you know what you can afford to buy. It also gives you credibility with sellers when you want to submit an Offer to Purchase (OTP) on their property.

How do I get pre-qualified?

1. When you decide you are ready to start the house hunting process contact Mortgage Express to get pre-qualified for a home loan.

2. We will take you through the pre-qualification process where you will need to submit supporting documents. A credit check and financial assessment will need to be done. Once that is completed we will issue you with a pre-qualification certificate that is valid for 3 months. Now that you know what you can afford you can start your search for your dream home.

3. Once you have found your perfect home and are ready to submit an offer to purchase, contact the Mortgage Express Specialist to assist you with your home loan application. You will need to send us your Offer to Purchase (OTP) along with your application once completed. We then submit this to all the banks and negotiate the best deal on your home loan – all at no cost to you.